Does Viagra stop you coming.

Does Viagra stop you coming?

Viagra helps with erection issues, especially those that include trouble in getting an erection or losing it too early. So in a way, yes, Viagra prevents early ejaculation or stops one from coming early.

But still, there are few other causes of erectile dysfunction for which Viagra might not be that effective, like increasing the sensitivity during intercourse, etc. 

But there are many other potent drugs like Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200, Vidalist 20, etc. that target the main cause and help deal with ED issues.

Can viagra help you in lasting longer in the bed?

Yes, the medication does help in stretching the time and allowing the pleasure feeling to complete. But it is not an ideal drug for premature ejaculation because it increases the blood flow to the males’ soft penile region. 

That ensures erection happens, and a firm erection helps in a more pleasurable experience for both partners indulging in sexual intercourse.

But Viagra has not much impact on increasing or delaying the ejaculation time or orgasm duration, or low sex drive. For such issues, a specialist must be consulted to get the desired drug prescription to target the root cause.

Further, it is considered that Viagra or sildenafil citrate is the first line of treatment for normal ED issues. If it does help much, then you may opt to choose another alternative drug by consulting a physician.

But in most cases, Viagra, Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150, etc. are the easily available and potent drugs to help with ED issues.

How does Viagra increase the timing and give more pleasurable time?

In the presence of sexual stimulation, NO gets released in the system, and the presence of Viagra or Sildenafil Citrate causes inhibition of PDE5. That leads to a state of muscle relaxation in the penile region, and hence rapid blood inflow within the penis makes it erect for a sufficient duration of time.

That leads to a firm erection and experience of pleasure during intercourse.

Does Viagra, too, have its limitations?

Every erectile dysfunction drug is synthesized in a particular way to target a root cause. So every dug has its own limitations, and the same happens with this very potent drug named Viagra.

Some of its limitations are listed below:

  • Viagra cannot prevent or stop premature ejaculation because different medications act on that. Viagra can only help with the erection part mainly and delaying its softening.
  • It has no direct impact on sex drive and hence cannot uplift a person’s libido. Some lifestyle changes might help in that, not Viagra alone.
  • There is no way a Viagra pill might help with complete arousal or increase stamina to perform in the bed etc. But it does help to some extent by increasing the sensitivity due to the erection.
  • Viagra is not the drug for getting more orgasmic sensuality. Although senses become high due to erection but the sole action over orgasm is not blue pills action.

Who should not consume it:

  • Safest Erectile Dysfunction Drug Viagra is not for all ages. Men under 18 years of age or over 65 years must not take it.
  • This blue pill is not for the ladies in any way for any sexual concerns.
  • Anyone with hypertension and 

Viagra has its own mechanism of action, and hence anything beyond that might not be managed with the blue pill all alone.

So seeking a physician’s help is suggested if you experience the above-listed issues.

Some more medications besides Viagra to help you last longer in the bed:

Cenforce 100: It is another version for Viagra with the same salt, but it appears to be working equally or even better than it.

Cenforce 200: It’s even available in different doses for better and potent effects.

Vidalista 20 (tadalafil): It is another alternative for Viagra, but it also has its own mechanism of action and limitations.

Concluding Note:

Set the mood right along with the Viagra pill to keep things on track, all in your favor, for the best experiences of pleasure.

Arousal is mandatory in the form of a physical or virtual stimulus to trigger the nervous system’s process. Because viagra is not intended to do that, it works in the presence of the stimulus, and by just gulping the blue pill, it cannot do everything all alone.

Reading or watching something, fantasizing, or considering foreplay with massage or kissing, etc., all acts as a stimulus to let the Viagra show its effect in full bling.

But besides, all before considering picking a pill like Viagra, Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200, Vidalista 20, Vilitra 20, Toptada 20, etc. The most important thing is to understand the root cause or the issue pertaining to the erection or ejaculation. 

That can help in picking the right pill for the right action and maximum pleasurable experience.

But a point to remember while taking Viagra is advised to refrain from alcohol consumption or any other drugs to avoid any side effects.

Drugs formulated for ED or ejaculation issues do not really have serious side effects besides nausea or some vision issues. That is temporary, and effects get reversed once the medication is stopped.

Besides, the dosage is also important, and avoiding an overdose of the same or sticking to the recommended dosage is necessary.

You may consider consulting either a pharmacist or a physician for better advice for any issues or concerns.

So say no to ED and early ejaculation issues with the right drug formulated for the same.

What is the safest drug for erectile dysfunction

What is the safest drug for erectile dysfunction?

ED or erectile dysfunction is the leading cause of worry nowadays in men of different age groups.

Earlier it was mostly counted with impotence, but now it is more self-esteem and general health issue.

There is no doubt it is treatable with medications and other available options. Sometimes you may even choose to approach a urologist for all sexual health-related issues of men.

But to keep things discreet and personal, several over-the-counter medications like Cenforce 200, Vilitra 20, Fildena, Vidalista, generic Cialis, Kamagra oral jelly, etc., can be obtained from online pharmacies. 

However, consulting a physician lets you and the advantage of getting the right drug suggested for yourself as per the condition diagnosis.

What is the whole truth about erectile dysfunction (ED)?

ED is a condition that arises when a male is incapable of either triggering or holding on to the erection for a sufficient duration during intercourse.

Different sort of situations might lead to erectile dysfunction or ED, and some of them include:

  • Incapacitation for holding the triggered erection.
  • No erection at all besides trying hard.
  • Insufficient erection or delayed erection.
  • Occasional érection, etc.

ED is not merely a physical medical condition, but it even builds an impact on the person’s mental and emotional health because it lowers the self-esteem of the man to a great extent.

What is the leading cause behind the ED?

Aging is not the only thing causing ED troubles; however, the chances of developing it increases with age.

There are several causes behind ED:

  • Obesity and weight-related issues.
  • Anxiety, depression, and even stress might make a man prone to ED troubles.
  • Diabetic neuropathy or even any other nerve damage might also trigger ED.
  • Even high blood pressure might be one of the culprits fro the condition.
  • Sometimes even prostate surgery might cause some damage leading to ED.
  • Excessive tobacco or alcohol consumption or even smoking can also trigger ED issues, etc.

ED does not come alone, but in fact, several psychological issues entirely disrupt the complete sexual cycle of a man.

If not resolved asap, ED’s trouble takes over the mind and body of a man affecting professional, personal, and other aspects of life.

Are there any safe drugs to treat ED?

Well, several drugs are recommended as safe to treat ED caused by several reasons. Some of those drugs are listed below:

  • Generic Viagra: Sildenafil citrate Cenforce 100 is the main ingredient of this and is readily available under several brand and generic names. It is very fast-acting, long-lasting until 4 hours and more, and a safe drug to help ED. But it severed the temporary purpose only and must be eaten before every intercourse for its effects.
  • Fildena: It is a drug with sildenafil citrate as its component and is equally potent as its peers.
  • Vidalista: It is another drug with Tadalafil as the main ingredient and has similar action on ED.
  • Kamagra oral jelly: It acts like many PDE5 inhibitors and increases the blood flow to the penis and ensures prolong erection.

What to expect from an ED drug and when to opt for it?

Every ED drug is formulated in a way to help in easing out the cause and relieves the issue. Every drug might have a similar action on the body; some still act via a different mechanism of action.

Some are created to ease out issues related to nerves and circulation of the blood, whereas others work via inhibiting some channels and boost the erection process.

Every ED drug helps in:

  • Achieving the desired level of an erection that is sustainable during intercourse.
  • It even helps in stabilizing the physical or mental in capabilities to overcome ED issues.

A concluding note:

There are several magical pills sold under several brand names to help all suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Not just Generic of Viagra, but many others are available via online and offline pharmacies.

It is suggested that a physician or specialist get the right drug for your condition because procuring the right medicine for urself is crucial. That can provide maximum benefits and effects if only possible once the problem is analyzed.

Some of these drugs do a company with some side effects like flushing, upset stomach, visual disparities, congestion, etc.

But all those side effects are not severe and go away once the medication is stopped. But mostly, it is purely safe and effective to consume any ED drug. 

The era has changed and metamorphosed so much that sexual health issues are not referred to as taboo. But instead, there are several treatment options available. So one must not hide behind barriers but lookout for solutions to such issues.

Drugs like Vilitra, Kamagra, Generic Viagra, Cenforce, Fildena 100, etc. are safe to help in all ED issues. So considering living with ED for life long is no more a thing because there are multiple safe drugs available to help with erectile dysfunction.